And Club


And Club是一个聚集深圳年轻设计师的活动团体。它不是一个商业组织,更不是一个学术机构,而是一种可能,是一种模式,是一种关系状态,更是一个品牌:与。首批与俱乐部的核心会员,主要分布于设计之都----深圳,追求着形而上的境界,“与”作为俱乐部的核心形象,即保持了独立的状态又在寻求着彼此合作的契机,进行最大化的整合资源。

The And Club is a team gathering a group of young designers from Shenzhen. It is not a business organization and not a academic institution, but an possible, a mode, a relationship, and a brand “与(And)”. The first group of core members of the And Club is mainly working in Shenzhen, the City of Design, which pursuits for a superorganic state. The Chinese character “与(And)” as the core image of this club not only maintains the independent state but also looks for chances of cooperation so as to maximum the resource integration.

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